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Pain Management


Daniel Nelson, MD

Washington’s Leader and Specialist in Interventional Pain Medicine

Pain disrupts the day to day lives of many people and makes even the most routine tasks a burden. Daniel Nelson, MD believes in comprehensive pain treatment plans that combine innovative procedures and therapies. Dr. Nelson is experienced in treating all types of pain including knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatica, and many more. We are conveniently located in Kirkland, Washington. 


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Our award-winning team provides comprehensive back-pain care for acute and chronic conditions. Click here to learn more about how we provide back pain relief.

Dr. Nelson has taken care of my pain management needs for the last few years. He is perhaps the best pain management Dr. I have ever interfaced with.” -Matt M. 





Daniel Nelson, MD is also skilled in assessing knee pain and providing the most appropriate and most effective treatments for long-term pain relief. Click here to learn more about how we provide knee pain relief.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Nelson for several years. I have followed him through multiple locations over the years. With my multiple health conditions, I see a handful of doctors. Over the years I have seen many many doctors. Dr. Nelson has to be the most caring and compassionate Doctor I have ever come across. I have never had a doctor do so much and go out of the way for me in my life. He is one of a kind and I feel privileged to be a patient of his and Sara his PA. The support staff has always been helpful and friendly. Dr. Nelson is the only doctor I will trust. I have severe psoriatic arthritis and had most of the cartilage is gone from my knees. Dr. Nelson did his treatment and 21 days later I near full cartilage growth back with X-Rays to prove it.” - Douglas Z.





We believe surgery should be a last resort. Minimally invasive procedures can be highly effective and change the lives of our patients. Click here to learn more about how we treat neck pain. 

Dr. Dan Nelson has been my doctor for some time and he is wonderful! I also had the pleasure of being a patient of Sarah Goble, Dr. Nelson's assistant, for a few years and I couldn't have asked for someone more caring, compassionate and kind!” -Loree A.





Daniel Nelson, MD provides patients with the most advanced treatment and techniques to address the cause of sciatica and manage pain effectively. Click here to learn more about how we provide sciatica relief.


I’ve been treated by Dr. Nelson for a number of years. His level of expertise is unparalleled. His team is really great, too, especially Sarah Goble, PA-C. She is extremely knowledgeable with a great bedside manner. She is thorough, keeps her appointments running on time, and simply a pleasure to see.” -Betsy K. 





Dr. Nelson is a proven pain management doctor who is trusted by many to help with their conditions. He is dedicated to improving the lives of his patients and looks forward to helping you or your loved ones.



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